COVID-19 Prevention Protocol

Dear W Dental family,

I am so happy to let you know that, while it has been a bit of a learning curve, the first couple of weeks back have been a huge success! Juggling all the new CDC protocols while trying to run on time has required some creativity and ingenuity, and my awesome team has risen to the challenge. I’d like to thank all of you, who, by making appointments, have made reopening the office possible. Thank you for your faith in us to provide safe health care during this unusual time. For those of you at higher risk who are not able to return yet, we completely understand and agree with your desire to wait and look forward to seeing you when the time is right.

As you all know, a monumental effort has been made to make your visits safe here at the office. A significant amount of resources has been invested into tracking down and purchasing additional high-priced PPE and other safety equipment. After being closed for two and a half months we’d like to get right back to where we were prior to covid. For safety reasons this won't be possible, as appointment times have temporarily been made longer, and only three patients can be treated in our office at one time (patients cannot be in adjacent rooms) as opposed to the five that we could accommodate before. All of these changes have taken a large toll on our ability to remain viable. As a result there has been an industry wide initiative to assess a temporary PPE fee to help offset these costs and keep our doors open. The good news is, many insurance companies are already covering it with more on the way! That said, we will be adding a temporary $15 dollar PPE fee to each visit for the foreseeable future. For those of you who don’t have dental insurance I have a way to help.

Just prior to our March 13th closure, we rolled out an in-house Membership Savings Plan to help those of our patients who don’t have dental insurance. It’s a pretty fantastic value, and in many ways, superior to dental insurance, it also makes billing simpler for all parties involved. As an incentive to try the membership savings plan, I will waive the PPE fee for anyone who signs up for the plan within the next month. For more information about our new savings plan, follow this link to our website where you will find a short video: Please feel free to contact Erica or Stacy directly if you have any questions.

One last thing! Those of you who already follow us on Facebook and Instagram know something that the rest of you probably don’t - we’ve done a bit of rebranding while the doors were closed! It’s a whole new look starting with the logo which will be seen on business cards, letterhead, and uniforms, for starters. Eventually, the office may start to look a little different as we incorporate more of the new elements. For a little preview, here’s another link to a short video:  

As usual we are happy to take your calls/texts/emails with any questions or concerns so feel free to reach out. Please follow us on Facebook @wdentalfresno and on Instagram @wdentalfresno for regular updates, fun facts, dental hacks, and more. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!


Dr. Jake

Comprehensive list of steps and new purchases we have made and will continue to make for everyone’s safety:

  • Thermometer and thermometer barriers
  • Kn95 masks and Kn95 mask receptacles and fit testing for employees
  • Visors/face shields
  • Barriers for curing light
  • Scrubs and in-house laundering
  • Gowns
  • HEPA filtration systems for every operatory
  • Significantly higher volume of hand sanitizer for additional areas in the office
  • Plexiglass sneeze guard
  • Clipboards and disinfectable pens along with clean/soiled receptacles
  • Extra hospital grade disinfectant wipes for front office, patient bathroom, reception
  • Additional storage for all new covid-19-related supplies
  • New payment terminals and software to allow for touch-less credit card payments and online payment via our new secure link

All items are a lot more expensive than usual becomes there’s a shortage and Companies who aren’t usually making these items, now are, and are gouging is

In addition to all the additional purchases, we have:

  • Lengthened appointment times, staggered appointments, and do not put patients in adjacent rooms.  Accomplishing this was a tremendous time investment
  • Significant amount of time dedicated to phone screening patients and confirming appointments
  • Implemented the curbside waiting room

The above items and actions allow us to minimize the spread of aerosol and germs between patients.

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